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New Electric Grid Infrastructure to

Enable Higher Levels of Renewable Energy

Not Just Transmission.  An Interregional Vision for the Future.

Power from the Prairie is uniquely-new interregional electric transmission grid infrastructure with a vision.  It is designed to empower multiple states, regions, and corporations to achieve their 100% clean energy goals with reliability and cost-effectiveness.  It will unlock thousands of Megawatts of new renewable capacity currently landlocked and unavailable due to lack of access to markets.  It represents economic development and jobs in the communities it touches. Working with other existing and proposed transmission projects, it will enable bidirectional swaps of time-diversified renewable energy across the continent. 


Designed as the first project- and utility-specific interregional transmission project to accomplish the vision of FERC Order 1000 and NREL’s Interconnection Seam  Study, PftP and its Concept Development Study (CDS) will be a pathfinder for other, similarly-needed interregional transmission projects across the nation to combat climate change.

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