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Power from the Prairie LLC

Power from the Prairie LLC (PftP LLC) is a limited liability company incorporated in the State of Iowa, USA.  Its four members have 80 years of electric utility experience, and 60 years of legal experience.


Based on a vision of the electric infrastructure that is needed for the future, the LLC is designed as an incubator for interregional high voltage direct current (HVDC) transmission and grid-level, long duration energy storage projects with multiple and diverse participants.  We believe such an entity and approach is necessary, considering the challenges of studying, evaluating and accomplishing such projects.


Experience has shown that such projects and studies will not be initiated by the incumbent electric utility industry which continues exclusively-focused on their own separate and balkanized service territories alone, without much horizontal cooperation.  A new, innovative, and productively-disruptive approach is needed.


Importantly, PftP LLC is not a transmission or renewable developer or owner.  The LLC will not own the facilities it proposes.  Instead, it is a qualified, independent, objective due-diligence source for promotion and studies of such projects.  The proposed PftP Concept Development Study (CDS) is the first such study.



A qualified, independent, objective due-diligence source for studies

of grid-scale transmission and energy storage, and renewable energy projects.

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