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Joseph R. Dudak | CEO, JD Associates, LLC 

Executive Consultant, Power from the Prairie LLC


Joseph R. Dudak is a Lifetime Certified Purchasing Manager (C.P.M. from the Institute for Supply

Management, ISM), is the Principal at JD Associates, LLC, in Michigan, is a guest lecturer at

both Western Michigan University’s School of Engineering & Manufacturing and at Schoolcraft

College in Livonia, MI.

He lectures on his consulting specialties, Supply-Chain, Gas and Electric Utilities matters and

Renewable Energy matters.  Mr. Dudak has also taught at Kettering University (KU), in Flint, MI,

as an Adjunct Professor KU’s graduate MBA program’s School of Business and guest lectured

at Notre Dame University, MBA Program, in South Bend, IN. In addition, Mr. Dudak continues his consulting business, JD Associates, LLC.


Mr. Dudak’s JD Associates, LLC consultancy specializes in supply chain, supplier relationship management, electric and gas utility matters and renewable energy business development from his firm in White Lake, Michigan, for clients in the natural gas and electric utility, and the renewable energy industries.

In the last two decades Mr. Dudak has been a startup executive in two successful electric power transmission utilities: ITC Holdings, Inc. and GridLiance LP, LLC. After its Initial Public Offering, IPO, in 2005, it was later acquired by Fortis, Inc. a Canadian utility holding company. Mr. Dudak was involved in these two utilities growth and operations in Michigan, Iowa, Minnesota, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Missouri, Nevada and California.

Before ITC and GRIDLIANCE, Mr. Dudak was a management consultant to energy, utility and manufacturing clients, as Team Leader, with the ATWELL Group (2011-2012) in Southfield, MI.

Prior to Mr. Dudak’s utility executive career, he enjoyed a 30-year career at National Steel Corporation, NSC, an integrated and multiple-location flat rolled products supplier to the automotive, appliances, food-canning and steel-buildings industries, with four locations across the Upper Midwest. While at NSC, Mr. Dudak held various management, and later, executive positions in engineering, energy management, utilities operations, and logistics and transportation for all incoming and outgoing rail, truck and Great Lakes steamship vessels.

Throughout his steel career, Mr. Dudak served as an aggressive natural gas and electric utilities industry industrial-consumer advocate in rate-cases and customer-choice in both natural gas and electricity, leading several large industrial intervention groups in utility regulatory and legislative arenas in Minnesota, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, and federally in Washington, D.C.

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